For a short stay, you can choose from either a hotel or a short stay apartments. Apartment will be furnished with utensils, microwave, washing machine etc and all you need to do, is buy your own grocery and cook.

The most popular hotel booking site of Europe goes for Netherlands as well. Very often they also have short stay apartments. Some things you can (should) check in the website before reservation are:

  • 7+ feedback rating for the hotel/apartment is what I recommend.
  • some hotels include breakfast in their rates (apartments generally do not)
  • Cancellation policy: Click on ‘?’ button in the “Conditions” column
  • commute to/from the hotel
  • if you are price sensitive (i.e if company is not paying your stay 🙂 ), sort the listing based on price
  • if you plan to rent a car, then check for free parking in the hotel
  • if you have kids, check age limit for free stay

I find booking is also very easy on this site…anyway, it is my favorite 🙂

For stay near Amsterdam Airport (Schipol) I have had friends stay in these hotels with good feedback:
– Ibis Airport: They have free shuttle from/to airport every 15 minutes. From the airport, you have train connectivity to the rest of the country and also rest of Europe 🙂
– Park Plaza: They also have free shuttle from/to airport
Please note that listing above does not mean the others aren’t good. It is just that I do not have personal contacts that have stayed there. For example, I know corporate travelers stay in NovotelNH, Sheraton etc. You can click here for all options around the Amsterdam Airport
For apartment options, you can also check this link. Check if cancellation policy suits you.
If you need help, leave me a comment.

4 thoughts on “Short stay (+ initial stay)

  1. Manish

    I wish to set up a restaurant in NL,I have worked in UK and studied French Gastronomy but wish to start with Fast food Cum Coffee shop,could you pls guide me on this.

    1. Madhu Post author

      Not sure of visa needs/procedures. You can contact kvk.nl for registration of company etc. They will answer your questions on email in English! Very easy process.

  2. Deepak


    I have an onsite project offer. My wife is working in India. Currently on maternity leave though. Is it advisable to travel with 3 month old baby and wife..

    Is it safe and advisable to put the kid to day care after few months and my wife to work (assuming she will quit the job in India).
    She is currently working as a software engineer in reputed company. How easy or difficult to find a job there..

    Kindly throw some light on staying for few months(say 10months) or extending for 2 years or so..

    Warm Regards

    early reply is kindly appreciated to take decisions


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