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To know who the name of the owner of your house, see housing.
Vehicle accident: If someone hit your car when it was parked but the owner is not to be seen, call the police. They will most likely not come for minor accidents, but they will give you a file number. Use this number and call your car insurance for repair.
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2 thoughts on “Some Legal Matter Tips

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Madhu,

    I will be moving to eindhoven by the end of the year with my husband n kid, can you please tell me if i have to prepare some specific document for the last name change, as my last name in my birth certificate n my passport is different or my marriage certificate will be enough?

    1. Madhu

      In my opinion, this should not be a problem. At least 2 of my friends already in Netherlands have similar case. They did not prepare any specific document. They did not have any problems at the time of stamping. May be you can check with the vfs to be doubly sure.

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