I moved from India to Eindhoven in 2009 September. Here is some information specific to the city….

  1. Eindhoven is probably better called expats hub! There are plenty of Indians, Americans, Chinese, Koreans, British, Spanish you name…Indians primarily are in Philips, ASML, NXP and also students coming to TU/E
  2. Indian restaurants: Sri Ganesh (south indian vegetarian), Lekker India, Touch of India, Taj Mahal, Jothi stores. Other options are Ethiopian restaurant has very nice dosa like veg menu, Afghanistan and Greek restaurants has rice items including vegetarian possibilities.
  3. Indian restaurants: There are many caterers as well who can prepare for you as take away or supply for events like birthday party etc. Join facebook group to know more.
  4. Indian grocery stores: Rohit, Omid stores, Jothi Stores, Sri Cash and Carry…..always watch out for expiry date. Also ask for bill and verify the rates charged are the same as mentioned on the product!! Unfortunately some shopkeepers (not all) find unique ways of overcharging after trust is built!! Also the Turkish and Chinese stores carry a lot of Indian stuff like variety of vegetables, dal etc. But if you want ready idli mix, pani puri packet etc, you have to go to Indian stores.
  5. Indian grocery stores: There are also plenty of online stores with home delivery. You will find them in the facebook group Indians in Eindhoven
  6. If you are looking for single person, shared accommodation basis etc try kamernet.nl (this is not via house agent).
  7. Checkout http://open-market.nl/. It is a website created by the students to buy/sell stuff. Things like cycle, moving help, second hand articles, carpooling, discount tickets etc etc are traded. Subscribe for daily updates.
  8. Most Albert Heijn grocery stores are open till 10.00PM Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, few are open from 12.00 to 20.00. Check http://www.ah.nl/albertheijn/winkelinformatie.
  9. The Centrum shops are open till 17.00 Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday shops are open till 21.00.
  10. Weekly Saturday market happens on the ‘Woenselse Markt’ street from 09.00 to 17.00.
  11. Medicine at off hours (5.00 PM to 8.30AM, holidays, weekends) is available at Catherina hospital, in the Emergency department. You can drive/cycle to the emergency dept parking. Remember to carry your insurance details if you are buying prescription medicine. There is extra charge.
  12. There is a shopping mall called ‘Winkel Centrum’ on the northern side of the city. See link  http://www.eindhoven-actueel.nl/woenselxl.html
  13. Pathe, Vue, Bioscoope are popular cinema halls in the centrum. While it costs about € 8 for each movie, you can buy a monthly pass for about €20 for unlimited movies. All English movies are screened here.
  14. Very often Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada movies are screened as well – especially on the weekends!
  15. Stratumseind is the pub street of Eindhoven – even if you do not drink, this street is a must visit on a Friday/Saturday late night.
  16. Travel by bus is cheaper with OV-chipkaart. There is no day-pass available. Buying a ticket on the bus costs € 3.50 per leg of travel. The same with a OV-chipkaart will most likely cost much less depending on the length of travel.
  17. Travel by bus is free for kids upto 12 years old when accompanied by an adult.
  18. Popular Taxi company that operates in Eindhoven is Ciba; phone: 0402443333
  19. The train station in Eindhoven has escalator from/to the train platform.
  20. Cricket for amateurs, tennis ball: go to facebook group TUeCricketEindhoven. People play for fun every Saturday in the TU/E premises starting somewhere in April thru September. Though the mailing group is very large, only about 10 to 15 show up. Click http://www.facebook.com/groups/TUeCricketEindhoven/.
  21. A cricket tournament for amateurs takes place in June/July organized by High Tech campus folks. In 2013, 6 teams participate in this tournament – High Tech Campus, Cognizant, TU/E, Satyam, Wipro and ASML.
  22. Cricket for professionals (leather ball): go to facebook group http://www.facebook.com/eindhovencc.
  23. Eindhoven has an airport where budget airlines like Ryanair, Wizzair etc operate. Skanda Travels is also based out of Eindhoven.
  24. There is 1 International school, located at Oirschotsedijk 14B, 5651 GC Eindhoven. The bus connectivity to the school is limited. A bus goes from station to the school at 8.00, 15.00 and 15.30. After a break of about 7 minutes at the school, it starts back to station. No stops in-between. While many parents living in the centrum area rely on this service, there are other parents that pool in together and hire a taxi for upto 7 children. There is another bus route more frequent. But this involves a o.5km walk to the school. The best option is to buy a cycle with a child seat (upto 25kgs). The path is very flat and easy ride. Do use google maps!
  25. There are 2 bilingual schools where they teach in both Dutch and English. One is in the centrum and the other in Meerhoven. Both are by SALTO organization. Many Indians send their kids to these schools. The fees is also much lesser compared to the International School.
  26. Popular day care for kids in the region is Korein. They have centers in multiple places around Eindhoven. Admission is generally available.
  27. Moving service within Eindhoven and nearby locations: http://meubel-taxi.webs.com/
  28. To print pictures, you can go to Media Markt or Hema.
  29. http://www.ste.nl/ has Dutch language courses on Saturdays.
  30. Volkuniversiteit Eindhoven offers reasonable price Dutch courses (I heard…not my experience).
  31. Kempen and Rots-Vast are good agencies for house hunting. I have heard some negative comments about Stoit-Groep that they are expensive when you vacate!
  32. For initial stay, if hotel cost is turning out to be too expensive, you can try http://www.pensioneindhoven.nl/index_en.html. It costs about 110/person/week inclusive of breakfast.
  33. For initial stay, also try: http://www.woonhoteleindhoven.nl/en/index.html
  34. In February every year, Carnival is celebrated for 3 days. People are dressed in crazy dress and it is all pure fun. There is also a parade that takes place. Entire centrum will be filled with people in fancy dress. In fact you can find only a hand full not dressed oddly!! Google for the dates Carnival takes place (Note: Celebration in Masstricht is supposed to be even bigger).
  35. In August every year there is a games fair that happens on John F Kennedylaan. A stretch of 1 KM is blocked for this event that runs for 10 days. For details see  http://www.parkhilaria.nl/
  36. In October every year, Eindhoven Marathon is held. Many Indians also participate.
  37. In October every year, at night a circular route of about 10kms is lit with different types of lamps. At one point there is a small lake that is lit with lights.
  38. In November every year, “Glow” festival is held. For a week, Eindhoven centrum is lit with artistic and creative lighting. Light is focused on the Catherina church or the Hooghhuis building making it look like the whole buiding is painted or broken or rearranged. This is a must see.
  39. In November every year, the Netherlands Kannada get together is held. For details, go to http://shrigandha.nl
  40. In November (or Diwali time), Indo-Dutch organization generally have a functions. About 200 to 300 Indians and also quite a few Dutch gather at that time.
  41. For Diwali, you can buy sparklers in Action shop in the Piazza complex in the centrum. Ask for fireworks-sparklers. You get big and small size packs.
  42. The Eindhoven main library is located in the Centrum. It is huge and carries books from various categories. Only hitch is that there are very few English books in most sections. There is a small but separate English section where you can find English books. Some kids books are also in English.  Visit  http://www.bibliotheekeindhoven.nl/www/Nieuws/obe_nieuws.htm for details.
  43. For free legal help in Eindhoven, go to ‘rechtswinkel’. Per my knowledge, it is a body of students who will help in civil cases along with their professors. Consultation is free.
  44. Swimming lessons for kids: Tongelreep (also possible for adults), Kikkersprong, TU/E sportsclub
  45. Foot ball for kids: http://www.woenselseboys.net/. There would also be other options near your house location.
  46. Chess: https://wlc.dse.nl/
  47. Nearest formal Hindu temple is in Roermond (50 Kms). Open timings: Mon-Thu 18:00 to 19:00; Fri 18:00 to 21:00; Sat-Sun 17:00 to 19:00. Address: Schipperswal 26c Roermond Netherlands 6041
  48. There are a couple of mandirs in Eindhoven where bhajans are organized. One of them is Trilok dham mandhir: Tongelresestraat 371 Eindhoven Netherlands 5642.
  49. The tax office is located at Karel De Groteln 4, Eindhoven. You can call 08000543, press 0 to talk to them. Set an appointment, then go.
  50. Bharatanatyam classes are held by a professional dancer near the centrum. Check Eindhoven facebook group.
  51. Try this http://www.beyondmarketing.com/eindhoven/

Lastly: If you know of any information that should have been here but is missing, please leave me a comment.

Disclaimer: This is my best effort and no responsibility will be taken for any inaccuracy

12 thoughts on “Eindhoven

  1. Ajeet

    I Ajeet from Jaipur,Rajasthan,india.I am a software developer and now I searching jobs in Neterland(Eindhoven).

    Recently I have given interview in YACHT(Local company in Eindhoven) so do a fevar for me that how this company and what minimum amount I need here for living per month.

    We can also talk further on mail as well as skype.

    Ajeet Choudhary.

    1. Madhu

      Hi Ajeet, YACHT is a well known company in Netherlands. The pay will depend on your job and experience…hence I cannot comment much. Ask for Knowledge Work Permit visa which means the pay in 2013 will be minimum € 38,141 if you are below 30 years and 52,100 above 30. Then you can apply for 30% ruling which means the take home will be higher. Please use my cost of living post to get an idea of what it will cost to live here.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Madhu,

    I will be moving to Eindhoven with my family sometime late this year.
    I need information related to the housing in Eindhoven.
    My work place will be in Hi-Tech campus. I am having a kid, who will start going to school this year.
    I want to know what are the better(Safe/Economic/Community) places to stay in and around Eindhoven.

    1. Madhu

      Hi, overall Eindhoven is quite safe. I have heard cases of burglary but except for some negative comments about living in and around the area near the international school,I have not heard of any other areas. The area in and around the centrum is popular. Hartje Eindhoven apt complex is getting popular among the Indians. I would say, do not worry about safety in Eindhoven.


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Madhu.. Thanks for all the info on the site. I will be coming to Eindhoven on MVV for a year in May. My wife who is working in India, will follow later in August, but I am completing all her formalities (dependent visa) in India along with mine. Some questions
    1) When I land in May for the residence permit at IND, should I register her also ? Or this can be done after she arrives?
    2) Is it better that I carry all the legalized birth and marriage certificates with me ?To the best of my knowledge , these documents are required only at the IND desk, and not at the airports or anywhere else
    3) She may leave at the end of August and re-enter again in Nov. What problems do you forsee with regards to paperwork (birth & marriage certificates).. Getting it legalized is a problem:-)

    Thanks for your help


    1. Madhu

      Hi Sathish,
      I’m not a legal expert and so my response is based on my experience and views only:
      1. The person who is registering should be present in person.
      2. Correct.
      3. Make sure the visa allows multiple entry and is still valid at the time of reentry in Nov. You may not have received the residence permit within 1 month of her arrival and so multiple entry visa is necessary. I do not see any paper work issues.

  4. Aruna

    Need some info on finding accommodation in Eindhoven, regarding the neighbourhoods and other info, pls help…

    1. Madhu

      Aruna, Eindhoven is pretty safe overall. But theft does occur if you do not take care to lock your belongings. The outskirts area in general and especially around the International school (Gestel) are known for theft and house break-ins. However I’ve not heard of body harm so far. Area around the centrum is popular among Indians. ‘Hartje Eindhoven’ close to the center is nowadays popular among the Indians.
      Hope you have seen my post on ‘housing’ for a general idea on Netherlands.

    2. Aruna

      thanks you for ur time. Have couple of more queries; do you know how the neighborhood around flight forum, is that considered outskirts for safety purposes?

      We are looking at furnished accommodation, so hartje eindhoven is ruled out. Wonder how ppl are managing to get it furnished considering it is just shell, with absolutely nothing done. I am really not sure if I should take that much work considering my indefinite stay here. If you think otherwise, pls suggest.

      Ur posts have been very helpful and thanks much.

    3. Madhu

      At least Meerhoven is not bad.
      People take help of friends to furnish Hartje Eindhoven or do it themselves over a couple of weekends.
      If your stay is indefinite and less than 2yrs, it is better to move to furnished apts. If you have kids, the possibility of damage and restrictions you have put on them reduces if you have your on furnishing.

    4. Anonymous

      Hi Aruna,

      have you finalized the accomodation in Eindhoven?
      I am also moving to Eindhoven sometime next month with my family and looking for furnished accomodation, but not able to decide till now.
      Are you dealing with any agent/broker for the house search?
      If possible we can discuss it offline on the mail?

      @Madhu you have a wonderful blog and pretty detailed information.. thanks

    5. Sweet Somethings

      Madhu, thanks much for your inputs, we found our space through a rental agency, a furnished apt in the centrum.

      @anonymous, sure u can email me, I have been here only for a month now and am happy to share whatever I know.

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