I do not live in Amstelveen myself. But here is some specifics from my contacts. 

There plenty of Indians in Amsteveen. In fact so many that….there is a joke that Amstelveen should be renamed as Amstel Nagar 🙂

Amstelveen is very close to Amsterdam. Hence there is plenty to do in and around. However, information in this post is limited to Amstelveen only.

  1. Indian stores: Kashmir, Spice Amstelveen, Masala express
  2. Indian restaurant: Sagar
  3. The cricket stadium of Netherlands is here – check for VRA. This is also a professional cricket club
  4. Albert Hein grocery store is open till 10.00PM Mon thru Sat; On Sundays it is till 18.00. Check ah.nl
  5. There is a Friday market (only on Fridays till 3:00 pm) at the centrum which provides varieties of veg and fruits for a reasonable price.
  6. On Thusrday, shops in the centrum are open till 21.00
  7. Amstelveen is well connected with bus, tram, metro. However, there is no train station.
  8. popular taxi number – 0207777777
  9. During Diwali time, lot of Indians get together in the centrum and celebrate Diwali. Entry is free for all
  10. During Diwali time, sparklers are available in the Indian Stores
  11. Popular housing agency is Rots vast
  12. Sometimes hindi cinemas are screened in the Pathe theater complex in Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena
  13. The sports center of Amstelveen is in Spoortlaan. You can find swimming etc

2 thoughts on “Amstelveen

  1. Poornima

    Hi Madhu,

    You have actually brought back so many beautiful memories that we had in Eindhoven in 2013 when we were residing there by going through your site. Very well explained about so many important stuffs. We have now moved to amstelveen.

    I would also like to suggest you that you could add the temple which is there at eindhoven .Trilok dham mandhir: address Tongelresestraat 371 Eindhoven Netherlands 5642. Indian communities perform various poojas and festivals.

    At Asmtelveen : There is a friday market (only on fridays till 3:00 pm) at the centrum which provides varieties of veg and fruits for a reasonable price.

    May be these two points could help people who are spiritual and for their needs

    Thank you.


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