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Hello Everyone,

After being in Rotterdam for a very short span of time I can say that the city is highly systematic.

Indian Community : There are less Indians in rotterdam but many from Surinaam (whose roots belong to India; But that really does not matter).
And yes, there are a lot of people from Pakistan. They share the same culture as we do so. This is also an advantage I feel.

For Travel : Travel is easy with ov-chiipkaart. (for initial stage you can use anonymous one and meanwhile place an order for a persnal card – cost 7.5 EUR both).
You can rent a bike from ov-fiets. They are available mostly at Metro stations. ( I saw it at Rotterdam Centraal)

For Religious Interests : There is a sikh Temple ‘Gurudwara’ in Kralingse Veer and it is core Indian. You can meet people get mental peace and have ‘prasad’ (in the form of langar).
There is ‘Arya Samaj’ near ‘Mini Rotterdam’ (you can search in google.
There is also a ‘Shiv Mandir’ near Arya Samaj.

For Sporty people : There is bungee Jumping at De Pier (Den Hague). At the same place there is ‘Rope Way’.
Also there is Water Skiing at ‘Nesselande’ opening during May/June every year.

Indian Shops :
There are Indian/Pakistani shops near Bergweg.
There is Indian/African shop at Coolsestraat.
There is Tanger Markt at Nieuwe Binnenweg.
There Indian/Pakistani sweet shop at Dordtselaan (near HengelSport Ahoy).

Till now I have explored this much 🙂
But I will keep you posted with whatever new and useful I get to know.

Have a nice time everyone! 😀

Baby Stroller

When travelling on sightseeing by flight or bus, carrying a regular stroller is bulky and cumbersome. It is easier when you have a travel buggy. A travel buggy is below:


Universal Adapter

If you are already in Netherlands and need a Netherlands pin to India pin Adapter, you can buy it from the link below….note that it has good feedback from the customers:

Keeping kids busy – XBOX

One way of keeping kids busy in a healthy way is to buy a XBOX! You can simulate playing tennis, baseball, jogging etc depending on which gaming CDs you buy. You can play these games with your child or the XBOX can also play with your child!

The XBOX has 3 parts:

  1. The console+controller
  2. The Kinect or the eye
  3. Gaming CDs

The 3 parts are sold as a ‘single package’ and also sold separately. It is much cheaper to buy them as a ‘single package’. If you are buying XBOX first time, make sure you are buying the single package. If you need more games, only the Gaming CDs will need to be bought separately in the future.

Another factor to consider is the memory size. They come in 4GB, 250GB etc. 4GB is sufficient for the kids to play. This is the cheapest version.

For the 4GB version of the ‘single package’ version of XBOX, click here: